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Seminarier & Event

seminarier_eventFokus på externa seminarier och personliga möten
Tyvärr har vi inte längre möjlighet att arrangera seminarier i egna lokaler. Dock arrangerar vi intressanta seminarier i andra lokaler. Håll utskik i kalendern.
Vi får ofta förfrågningar från delegationer att arrangera personliga möten med miljöteknikföretag. Om ni är intresserade av att få möjlighet att träffa köpare av miljötekniklösningar bör ni bli medlem i SGTA.
Financing your new venture – a stumbling block?
The Swedish – East African Chamber of Commerce invites you to a seminar on enablers and barriers on financing your new venture in East Africa. You will come away a much wiser person when you have listened to what the experts have to say
Date: 7 February 2012, 14:00 – 17:00 followed by a mingle
Venue: Svensk Handel, Regeringsgatan 60, Stockholm
- What does a financier requires from you?
Ayesa Amilon, WSI Digital Marketing
- Where do you find the financing most suitable to your needs?
Jan Furuvald och Håkan Krantz, Kapitalguiden
- New visions from the government
The Trade section of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs informs
- The role of EKN in Exports & Overseas Investments
Ingrid Furukvist, Director Export Credits Guarantee Board EKN
- What can I expect from the traditional banking system?
Nordea informs about the role of a merchant bank
- A tale from a business person who has taken the plunge
Camilla Wirséen, Peepoople
- Business opportunities as seen by an Ambassador
Ambassador Purity Muhindi, Kenya Embassy
- Questions and Answers
- Concluding remarks
The seminar will conclude with a mingle session where you can pursue discussions with the speakers and meet persons with similar business interests in EAC.
Cost: SEK 150 for SWEACC members and SEK 250 for non-members.
No-show will be charged SEK 250.